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What is Whimsical Painterly Fine Art?

Since many of my current clients asked me this question, I thought it would be a great first blog post on the page.

As from the first of January, my packages changed, and I offer clean retouching/editing style to all my customers, but those who are interested and want a more unique approach to decorate their home and display their family and portrait photographs, they can upgrade to my signature style editing method, called Whimsical Painterly Fine Art.

This is a complex photo editing process, where your family portrait will go through a 2,5-3 hours retouching progress, and the final image will look like a painting, an artwork. 

It is ideal for those, who are planning to display their photos in their home as a framed artwork, a canvas or an acrylic wall art.

This kind of editing style is quite new in the Weston-super-Mare area, and I found that people are often don't understand what it stands for. 

Which is understandable, as you have most probably never came across with it until now. 

The process requires planning on location, clothing, poses, even the Sun's angle - these all can affect the final photo. This is one of the reasons I always send a questionnaire to You before your actual photography session. 

After the photoshoot and when you've selected your favourite photos from your Pre-selection Gallery, the work begins. 

During a painterly editing session, I change many things, except You and your loved ones. I do a general cleanup - which is the same in clean editing, but while on a clean editing session I gently soften the lights and everything is more gentle and more realistic, on a painterly editing session, I do more dramatic changes. You will find, that the light has been literally painted to everywhere - to your skin, to your clothes, even the sun flare is resonating with the look of a painting. And my absolute favourite: The matte finishing, which creates that timeless atmosphere.

The real beauty of this style, that You will remain You. I don't change your expression (unless it's a specific session requirement - like on my Tim Burton styled sessions), every single one of you will be recognisable - just in a more artistic way. 

And I promise, everyone who sees these photos, will be blown away how gorgeous and special they are. 

But if this style is not your cup of tea, I understand. That's why you can always decide on the clean editing style. 

I hope this little introduction helped You to understand my signature style, and that you will have a try on our Photography Experience. 

Have a lovely day.

Until next time,


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