My favourite locations

One of the most common questions I receive from my clients is if I have a studio or if I shoot on locations. 

I am a natural light, outdoor photographer however, I'm planning to rent my own studio place in the future. 

In certain occasions I have done indoor photoshoots in my client's home - the place they're the most comfortable at.

For now though, I am remaining on outdoor locations. One of the reasons I have decided to design my business in this way, because I wanted to make sure that even at the time of a global pandemic, my clients still can have their memories on images.

Taking photos doesn't require close contact, being outdoor provides the well-ventilated space.

However, it can be cold. :) So I always keep in mind the weather and the clothing requirements when I'm planning any of the photo experiences.

It actually works out well, but let's talk about clothing in a future post. This one is about my favourite locations.

1. Bluebell Woods, Weston-super-Mare 

My number one favourite place in Weston. Thanks to the ivy population, this place remains green in every season. If you haven't been there yet, you must see it yourself. 

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram , you might remember my Tim Burton styled session with a lovely local model, called Diana Mitkova . That photoshoot took place in Bluebell Woods, and you'd never tell, but poor Diana had to cope with the 2 Celsius degrees we had on that morning. (She's done it amazingly, don't you think?)

The local rock-painting group, called Weston super Rocks love hiding beautifully decorated rocks and you can find pegs from #smileformelula and Kindness cards from The Liam Shepherd Foundation as well, with little gifts. As you see, Bluebell Woods is the perfect place for a family adventure.

The evening golden hour (the hour photographers love the most) is possibly the most breath-taking in this woods with the sun painting everything orange, yellow and warm. :) I absolutely love photographing here, and one of my upcoming Mini Experiences will take place in here. Of course, we should not forget about the name of the place - in May, the whole woods dress up to bluebell gown. It makes the photographs look extra special and magical. 

2. Worlebery Woods, Weston-super-Mare 

Another fantastic location - and for a long time, it was my number one. I love taking photographs here, especially at autumn, when the woods covered with warm colours and the leaves falling. 

You can find rocks, fairy doors, Kindness cards and peg dolls here, too. There is also a playground for children, and the air quality is amazing. 

Worlebury Woods is so big, that you can walk to Kewstoke and back. I love enjoying the sunset on the hillside with my boys. :)

Many of my photographs have been taken here, you only have too look at the images in the Gallery to hav e a peek. :)
I especially love, how my little clients explore the area with such joy, it's contagious. The location put everyone's nerves to ease, and we all can enjoy our photography experience in its fullest. 

3. Seafront, Weston-super-Mare 

With the high and low tides, colourful sunsets, seagulls ( :) ), The Old Pier, The Grand Pier, Marine lake, Marine bridge and much much more the seafront is full of opportunities for a wonderful photography experience. Though it is windy more often than not, with the right clothing and hair styling, it is an absolute win for anyone, who loves sand more than greenery. 

Why I love this location is because this is the place where earth meets with water. Where the warm, earthy tones blend into the cold blues and greys, creating an unexpected harmony of tones, shades and peacefulness. 

4. Ashcombe park, Weston-super-Mare 

This park is almost like a little woods in the middle of a busy local area. My Easter Mini Experience will take place here this weekend (9th and 10th of April, 2022). The hill side is perfect to create dramatic dimensions and magical scenes to your images.

There are a lot of friendly squirrels here, so there is always a chance to catch a very special moment with my camera. And don't forget about the logs, the hidden places between the trees and the playground for children. 

And of course, we always can do a little rock-hunt on the way. :)

These are my favourite locations for a photography session, but they aren't the only ones I'm arranging sessions at. (Only the best ones he-he)

I hope you enjoyed this week's post, and that it made your decision easier regards to where to book your Family and Portrait Experiences with me in the future. :)

Have a lovely week.

Until the next time,


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