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Dress-code for Your Photo Experience

Would you like to have stunning family and/or portrait photos to decorate your house with? Do you want photographs that are outstanding instead of 'just another'?

Believe it or not, the key of the success is in your hands. 

Choosing the right piece of clothing is a critical factor for a successful photoshoot. 

I hope this blog post will make the preparation easy for you. 

The best type of clothes are the ones that don't attract attention. Strong bright colours (e.g. red) can bring the eyes to the clothing instead of the subject. Same with patterns: they cause distractions to the eyes and very often interfere with the settings - especially in an outdoor location.

So here is a list that you can use at any time for a photoshoot.

1. Less bright colours for the eye's sake

As I have mentioned above, bright, strong colours will definitely disturb the viewers' eyes. Whenever is possible, avoid bright green, red, pink etc. and if you really love these colours, choose their darker shades. It also can be a solution to choose pastel colours, pastel brights like pale yellow or pale blue are perfect matches to jeans.

2. Patterns and prints are nice... said no photographer ever

While the floral dresses are living their renaissance, and patterns in general are very nice, their presence is pretty much unwelcome on a photograph. The same applies to prints and logos. They are incredibly distracting, making the photos uncomfortably busy. In short, they're a headache (no, literally). 


Don't mix up patterns with textures. Patterns are causing distortions, textures are causing comfort. So a tu-tu skirt is more than welcome, while a polkadot dress will need to stay in the wardrobe.

3. Dark clothes DO NOT lead to sad images

... but will help to lead the eyes to your face. And on a portrait - whether it's family, couple or individual - faces are the most important part of the photograph. Choosing dark coloured clothing is always a win.

Do you have darker skin tone? Not a problem. Just keep the pastels in mind.

4. Light as white

White is a fantastic colour, it works as a reflector of light. It helps to lit up your face. With a dark jacket, it's even better. White softens the shadows and gives a natural airy feeling to your images. It is beautiful, simple and everyone has got at least one white top in their wardrobes. 

5. Long sleeve tops, long trousers?

Yes, and no.

Having long sleeve tops and long trousers will lead to less skin, which means the eyes are focusing on the faces.

Although that is true, I personally don't mind the skin on the images. If you choose the right colours, it's not disturbing - and I wouldn't ask you to over-dress on a hot and sunny summer day. 

As you may have noticed on the blog photo, my little subject has got plenty of skin out, that however, doesn't divide your attention. It's simply because he has a simple white shirt on, which evens out what would be an imbalance. If he had a dark shirt on, that would have caused a little disharmony. Still, I love bare feet, arms and legs on display. 

6. Accessories - less is more

The right amount of accessories are brilliant additions to a good photo, but having too many will lead to the same issue than the patterns on a dress. 

So keep in mind: the less IS more in this case.

7. Those sneaky hairbands!

Those who have long hair can surely relate to this point. I personally always have a hairband on my wrist. As much as I love long hair, they get on my nerves on a regular basis. 

Ever since I do photography, the hairbands do represent a completely new issue: they look bad on the images. They're disturbing, like a fly in the dark bedroom. 

Please, make sure you take off those hairbands before your photoshoot.

8. A little makeover lifts the spirit

Please don't laugh at yourselves if you feel that a nice manicure, hairdresser and extra makeup would be comforting before your photography experience. 

First, because YOU DESERVE IT, secondly because it makes a huge change on the photography session. You will feel even more special on this special occasion.

At the end of the day, having your photographs taken by a professional is a luxury that you and your family deserve. 

+1. Family tips

Dressing everyone nicely IS a challenge. So this point is for you if you're preparing for a Family Portrait Experience. 

Before you choose the clothes, think what kind of colours you want to see on the photos? 

Cold colours like blue, gray, white etc.?

Warm colours like brown, dark purple etc.?

When you have made the decision, make sure that everyone has got the same or similar shades of these colours. They don't need to be exactly the same, but the photo will certainly look better if the colours are well-coordinated. 

To the bottom half, jeans are the timeless choices, but everything can work as long as they're similar in colour. 

Be careful with plain white if have light skin colour! Remember? White lights up the skin. But if you have an already paler skin tone, white can make it even lighter. That is not a good match. Change the white to gray or a pale/pastel colour, and problem solved. 

Do you have very dark skin? Don't put a black shirt/T-shirt on for the same reason I don't recommend a person with light skin to wear white. 

Trust me, it will ruin your images. We don't want that. 

With small children, white can be tricky, but even the paler colours. I think we all had that frustrating moment, when even though we did try to avoiding it, our little angel(s) successfully ruined their heavenly light coloured tops with food/mud/grass/more mud/more food/our makeup/nana Mabel's makeup etc. If you feel confident enough though, go for it. (I always can remove smaller patches from clothing with a little extra magic.)

SHOES are so useful, we love them (yes, ladies, we really do... and gentlemen, don't laugh, we all know you like them, too). Yet we constantly forget them on a photoshoot.

Don't forget to include your shoes to the decision making process. They can be as equally distorting like polkadots, flowers and logos.

Whatever you choose to wear, your photographs will be special for you and your loved ones. But if you keep at least half of the information above in your head, they will improve the photos tenfold. 

Preparation for a holiday is always so exciting. Who says that the preparation for a special photoshoot can not be equally exciting?

They are, I promise. With these small steps in mind, you will be the best of yourself on the special day, and even your partner (who hates their photos taken) will have a little buzz. The children will look forward to it, too.

So are you ready?

You can book your Family Portrait Experience here . I cannot wait to see you. :)

Until the next time,


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